Event Guidelines

The contest brochure contains all of the rules and regulations for Modelmania, but here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

No person will be allowed in the event areas without proof of prior registration or general admission.

Children must be accompanied by a guardian (age 18 or older).

Any person – child or adult – found handling any models in the display or contest areas, other than his or her own, is subject to ejection from the event.

No food or drink is permissible in contest room or display areas, all other areas are fine.

The contest room will remain open during judging; however, we ask all viewers to cooperate with the judges during the judging process.

IPMS/Houston respects and admires the skill and artistry of this hobby, regardless of the subject. However, common-sense standards of good taste and family viewing must be maintained. Please be advised, that “mature” or “provocative” (e.g. Rated R) subject matter is subject to omission from the event at the discretion of the Show Director or Head Judge. Decisions are final. This “decency clause” applies to all participants of the show.