I’ve noticed that a lot of these links don’t contain any photos. Pictures from the 2009 and earlier seem to be most affected. Sometimes you just have to drill down in the folders (on the left side of the page on the Photobucket site) to find things – ed.

Houston Public Library Display 2017

ModelMania Galleries

Modelmania 2017

Great American Pastimes, John Woods of HCC Stafford TV Studio discovers a group that makes history in three dimensions.

Modelmania 2016

Modelmania 2015

Modelmania 2015 contest results

Photos from Francisco Pena:

Photos from John Hunt

IPMS USA forum topic with photos from the show (thanks to mustang1989!)

all of the automotive entries can be seen here (thanks Eric Stone!)

Modelmania 2014

Francisco’s photos (Dropbox link)

John’s photos

Modelmania 2014 contest results

ModelMania 2013

ModelMania 2012

ModelMania 2012 contest results

ModelMania 2009

ModelMania 2008

ModelMania 2007

ModelMania 2006

ModelMania 2005

Quarterly Contest and Regular Meeting Galleries

October 2016

August 2016

January 2015

October 2014

September 2014 (not a contest, just a lot of photos)

June 2014

April 2014 (offsite link)

January 2014

October 2013

May 2013

April 2013

September 2012 Not a contest, but enough photos for a page.

July 2012 So big it gets its own page.


Member Galleries

Works in progress, completed builds, whatever you like (well, within reason.) [Updated whenever people submit things.]

Peter Fantasia

Tom Moon

Vince Barrale

John Hunt

David Qu (flickr link)

Richard Kern

Everything Else

Reference photos, other contests, etc.

Houston Public Library 2015

Comicpalooza 2015

Aircraft from 2014 IPMS Nationals

Comicpalooza 2014 (mostly cosplayers, but some models – the plastic kind – also. And some guys sitting at a table.)

Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Planes of Fame Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum

2013 IPMS Nationals

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