(Otherwise known as the “old guy spotter’s guide”)

Here are profiles from some of the members of IPMS-Houston. ┬áThese were written by the subject themselves, so you may have to take them with a grain of salt, but it should give you an idea of who’s who at the meetings.

Jon Baker
Vince Barrale
David Brizzard
Curtis Carlson
Rick Cotton
Bruce Culver
Terry Doyle
John Griesbacker
David Hogue
Richard Kern
Mark Lardas
Andy Lazas
Corbett Legg
Dan Leone
Joe Logue
Michael Martin
Don McFetridge
Jeff Mills
Rob Missall
Don Rakoski
Mike Raymond
Paul Sacco
Jeff Schmitz
Richard Seay
Michael Shelley
Mike Stucker
German Tapia
Boyd Waechter
Mike West

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