Member of the Year

Member of the Year rewards the member of the club who has supported the club through activities, attendance, and participation. The winner’s name is added to the award plaque, which he then holds for the following year. Note that prior to 2016, the award was called “Modeler of the Year” and was based solely on quality and quantity of models built and entered in contests. Here’s a list of past winners:

2007 – Tom Moon

2008 – Richard Seay

2009 – Richard Seay

2010 – Mike Stucker

2011 – Tom Moon

2012 – Roy McCartney

 2013 – Richard Seay

2014 – Rick Cotton (by tie-breaker with Roy McCartney)

Scoring Criteria

The document below details how points are awarded, but members can earn points by attending meetings, entering models in contests or for discussion, making presentations, serving as an officer, and helping to support ModelMania and other club activities.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the points administrator or one of the officers.

IPMS Houston Earned Points

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