Here is a collection of presentations, papers, and the like from (or about) club members that you might find useful. They’re in geological order (old stuff at the bottom). Links open in a new tab/window (unless I did it wrong – ed.), or you can save to your local computer for later.

Articles by Richard Kern

A report on the 2016 Rivercon in Shreveport, LA.

2016 RiverCon Show Report

And one on IPMS/West Central Missouri’s Model Fest 2016

WCM Modelfest

And Northshore (New Orleans/Covington) 2016

2016 Covington

David Hogue

Not by David, but an article from FSM about his HMS Ajax.

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Articles by Boyd Waechter

CAF West Houston Fly-In 2016

Summary and photos from this year’s show.

Trip to Tucson

Originally published on, Boyd’s article on the 1/32 scale Czech Model T-33A.

T-33A Building Article

Here’s a short piece on how a simple item – alignment of parts – can have a huge impact on how a model does in contests. (More articles from Boyd are in the How-To section at the bottom of the page.)


Articles by John Griesbacker

John is fairly new to Houston, but not to the hobby.

Moving Models

2015 Nationals

The Waechter-West duo make the trek to Columbus, OH in 2015. Read all about it here:

Columbus NATS Road Trip Rev

David Hogue served as a judge at Nationals again this year. Here’s what he has to say about it:

NATS Judging

Of course the US isn’t the only country to have a Nationals. Here’s Corbett Legg’s short writeup of the IPMS-Nederland contest.

IPMS Nederland – Euro Scale Modeling

Articles by Rick Cotton

There are so many of them now (over 115) that they have their very own page.

Articles by John Hunt

John Hunt, another of our members, has written some pieces for us as well. (pdf)

Good Old Models
Forlorn Birds
A Collectors Story
Other Modeling Options
A Winning Modeler

And some how-to articles:

Lighted Paint Booth, Corbett Legg

Seven page article (pdf) on building a lightweight paint booth using Gatorfoam and powered by a wall-wart transformer. Includes parts list with prices, instructions, and cutting diagrams. The booth itself was at our March 2015 meeting.

Wood Grain on Plastic, Corbett Legg

A brief writeup of Corbett’s Feb 2015 demonstration of creating woodgrain effects on plastic using artist’s oil paints over a base coat. Useful for propellers, plywood skins on fuselages, dashboard or body veneers on cars, instrument panels, and plenty of other things I can’t think of.

Metal Polishing Powder, Vince Barrale

Video of Vince’s demonstration of WAVE’s Kosutte Gin Sun polishing powder from the August 2014 meeting. There are other videos on the internet that are probably better quality; this was taken without a tripod using a point-and-shoot digital camera so don’t expect studio quality. (2GB, avi video, 8 minutes – it takes half an hour to download, so take that time to glue things together.)

Update – this powder seems to be no longer easily available, but Tim Campbell found Uschi Metal Polishing Powder that appears to do the same thing. The link below takes you to eBay.
Uschi 25ml Metal Polishing Powder Chrome 4008

Wood Ship Decks, Rick Cotton

Rick originally presented this demonstration of simulating decks for 1/350 ships at a meeting in November 2013, and then it was written up and published in the ASMS Sprue Examiner newsletter for July 2014. (49 KB, pdf)

Natural Metal Finishes, Boyd Waechter

Boyd presented this tutorial on various types of metalizer paints at our August 2013 meeting. The photos are mainly aircraft, but can be used on any type of model. (3.7 MB, pdf format, rated PG for suggestive attire.)