Special Awards

The following are the special awards presented at Modelmania:

Ed Thacker Memorial Award

Best Storyteller Diorama

Ed Thacker was a gentleman craftsman with our club for many years, who was very dedicated to building dioramas, especially if that of the Old West. His dioramas were always conveying rich stories that were a marvel to see. A good diorama tells a story. A great diorama makes you feel the emotion of that story. That is exactly what Ed’s Dioramas did. His legacy lives on through the Ed Thacker Memorial Award for Best Storyteller Diorama. This award is not intended for the best built diorama but rather which diorama which best tells the story. The picture below is his diorama titled “The Storyteller”.

Wild Blue Yonder Award

Best U.S. Army Air Forces / U.S. Air Force Aircraft

Commemorative award for the former pilots of these aircraft.

Joe German Memorial Award

Best Junior

Joe German was a long time member and former president of IPMS Houston. He was a retired MSgt. U.S. Air Force Reserve with a passion for F-4 Phantoms as well as any and all U.S. armor. A retired middle school teacher who was a more than an accomplished model builder, it is only appropriate that his memory is carried on in the Junior Award passing his teaching on to the youth of today.

Best Spitfire

Sponsored by Lee Forbes

Just the aircraft, not the car.

Ground Pounder

Sponsored by Jon Baker

Ground Pounder

Ground Pounder

Best WWII German Tank, Figure, Diorama


Kilroy was Here

Sponsored by Frank Stumpo

Kilroy was Here

Kilroy was Here

Best WWII American Tank, Figure, Diorama