In-House Contest Rules

We hold a contest at our March and September monthly meetings for members to get feedback on their work and prepare for the shows in the area. It’s also a good chance to learn about what judges look for. There are no categories for the in-house contest, everything is put on the same table. If you want to show something or ask for advice on a build, but not have it compete, that’s fine too – usually half of the space is ‘display-only’ models.

There is no entry fee. All you need to do is fill out the entry form below; each model entered will be assigned a number. Volunteer members that have not entered anything will act as judges.

In order that everyone’s work can be evaluated, please limit yourself to three entries per contest.

Contest Entry Form

All models, unless otherwise noted below, are eligible for competition at this event. Bases are allowed but as usual, are not considered part of the model except for dioramas.

Models must be built by the entrant, not “contracted out”.

The IPMS “definition of plastic” and “plastic composition” rules are waived for this event.

Proxy entries are allowed. (That means your friend can enter your model when your wife drags you to the ballet that night.)

Models previously shown at past Quarterly Contests are ineligible for competition (the idea is to show something relatively new).

Models built more than 3 years ago are ineligible for competition (the ideas is to build models, not dust off a collection, but please bring them for show-and-tell).

All models are subject to the decency clause –

Decency Clause

IPMS/Houston respects and admires the skill and artistry of this hobby, regardless of the subject. However, common-sense standards of good taste and family viewing must be maintained. Please be advised, that “mature” or “provocative” (e.g. Rated R) subject matter is subject to omission at the discretion of the club’s executive body.

“Pre-paint” model are ineligible for this event.

Lobbying for or against any model is bad form.

Handling another’s model is bad form. (This means you too, judges!)