What do we do with this stuff?

At the last couple of meetings, we’ve had some discussions on what a modeler’s family does with his kit collection and built-up models once he passes on.  As you know, I have been very involved in disposing of Phil Brandt’s book collection for his wife, and Eric Choy (Austin chapter) has been helping Cindy sell off his collection of kits and built-up models.  Randy Barnes just forwarded to me these photos of an 800+ collection of built-up models that are in Birmingham, AL., most museum quality.  Randy is making a trip there in late June to pick-up several models needed to round out the U.S.S. Lexington’s model museum exhibit.  But, can you imagine the task his family has ahead of them getting rid of the remaining built-ups, as well as his collection of kits?!   This is another reason we should all consider donating our built-up’s to museums and any other institution who will take them, sooner than later.  My son has made it clear to me that all of mine are going out on the curb for the trash collector as soon as the funeral is over with!

Boyd Waechter