Meeting Notice. IPMS Houston Monthly Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 13th February

Where did January go?

The time7 pm, Tuesday 13th February
The place: Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042

Meeting topics:
Modelmania Truck – resolved
ModelMania Door Prize Collection
Modelmania Sponsorships
Parts and Scraps Survey
WWII Museum – NOLA
Downtown Library exhibit


Two for this month (we spoil you people, really we do)…

1. Spiral masking and whatnot from Roy McCartney
2. Panel Line wash pens from Tom Avila

Please, take a couple of photos and send them to me and I can include in the wrap-up.


Model “build-in” which took place Saturday January 13th at HobbyTown
IPMS SWAMP (Lake Charles) competition from Sunday January 28th.


IPMS Alamo Squadron’s ModelFiesta 37 coming up Saturday February 17th at the San Antonio Event Center (necessary info here:


1. February’s Wingman from our Milwaukee modelling brethren. Yes, it’s a big file, but there you go. They have their February meeting on Valentine’s day, nicely screwing things up for those who have partners, or maybe they just like a “low attendance” night, or just like to perpetuate the stereotype that modellers have nowhere else to be, or…

2. A call to arms from the IPMS/USA offices who feel that to provide better value to its membership, the organisation needs to be bigger. OK, that’s a terrible sell. Don’t shoot the messenger. The magazine is worth getting in the mailbox every month, and if you can manage to be a member for 25+ years, you’ll get a nice pin. Application form attached. Hey, you have to be a member to hold a club position!


Tim Campbell