Writings from Rick, two requests, and more!


Happy Friday.

First up, request from Rick “Need help – will pay” – he has a 15 x 4 hole in his kitchen ceiling that needs to be repaired (North Katy location) – do any of you do (or know someone who does) sheetrock. Please reply directly to Rick at cotton.rick@corp.sysco.com if you have the necessary information or skills. I don’t know if the hole is in feet, centimetres or cubits, but sheetrock is sheetrock.
Secondly, Rick has an excellent epistle on “wake up and get your stuff sorted out it’s the beginning of 2018 and all that” as we start the year. My January has been a bit busy, so I will apologize for not having sent this out earlier.
And thirdly, for February’s meeting, does anyone have a burning desire to demonstrate anything? We have done many different demonstrations over the past year or so, and rather than aimlessly recycle, would like to hear of something new.
We’ve had a request for airbrushing, but we really can’t do that in the Tracy Gee. I also remember a request for replacing detail on raised panel line kits. This in itself is probably not a whole demo but could be done as part of a general rescribing demo (I did this one a long time ago). Will gladly plan this in for another month if there’s enough interest. There’s a bizarre desire for rescribing sometimes, as an UpNorth scribing template for the 1/48 Monogram F-100 is currently at $39 and rising on eBay. I have one of these in the toolkit (unused, of course) for when none of the other 200 kits in the stash stir me enough and I end up saying “bugger it – pass me the bloody Super Sabre then” rather than springing for the Trumpeter version and grafting on a new resin nose…
Anyway, I digress… if you’re ready to show everyone a really cool (or uncool – after all, this is scale modelling we’re talking about) technique or gadget, please step up and let me know.
Coming up this weekend in Lake Charles – CALMEX XXXII – Lake Charles Civic Center, 900 Lakeshore Dr, Lake Charles, LA 70601. Sunday (yes, Sunday28th January. For More Information see their website: http://www.ipmsswamp.com/calmex.html
Until next time,
Tim Campbell
Secretary, IPMS Houston