Article on Eduard model company open house/tour

A Happy New Year to you all!

So, earlier in December we had a packed house at the Yuletide meeting – that free food really does work.

I’m sure we probably discussed a few things at the meeting but I was distracted by the documentary helmed by Rick Cotton – a hard-hitting (and yet amusing) expose about shocking conditions encountered at the hands of one of our most prolific and successful modelers. You’ll find the shocking truth on our website.

The multiple raffle winners were happy with their winnings, and Vince was happy not to have to haul away a load of uneaten food.

No doubt a number of you received more model kits to either add to the stash or to actually build, so look forward to seeing some of those this year.


Via Boyd, we have a write-up from Kyrre Ingebrethsen, our former IPMS Houston member, of a trip to the headquarters of Eduard, the aircraft model and brass/resin accessory manufacturer ( I found this really interesting – might be a pilgrimage one day…

Also, January’s edition of Wingman from the Cheeseheads, including a good stock car model kit article.

Tim Campbell
Secretary, IPMS Houston