Meeting Notice. IPMS Houston Monthly Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 12th September

Evening all – the September IPMS Houston meeting is already upon us.

The time: 1900hrs, Tuesday 12th September
The place: Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042

Odd to note today’s date on my calendar before sending this out… casting my mind back to an oil rig in the middle of the Norwegian sector of the North Sea where I was on the day, seeing the shocking and unbelievable news unfolding on the television with about 50 other rig hands crowded around the screen.

Secondly, per the questionnaire going around, looks like most dodged the worst bits of Harvey, but a couple of our fellow members were not so lucky. Vince will lead with this regarding what we can do with club funds to assist the relief in general so the club can vote on it.
I know you’ll all be saddened not to see my smiling face on Tuesday evening, but work commitments north of the state line (in OKC) have me otherwise occupied…

Drumroll… first up, it’s the Club Contest! Bring those (completed) shelf queens or anything else you’ve finished to get pointers for what needs fixing for the next ModelMania…

Upcoming Shows/Contests:

AABSAMPSCENTEXARMOREXPO™ – Georgetown TX – 16th September (i.e. the coming weekend). Flyer attached twice before – if you need it again, let me know.

AutumnCon 2017 Regional – Covington, LA – 23rd September. All info and paperwork are at There are still some vendor tables left. Please inquire by emailing Andy Useman at


Library Display – expect a summary of how this went.

Mike Stucker will take us through a recap of the HAMS show which was held on 12th August ( I went to this and dragged my 9 year old along. Seemed to be a much smaller turnout from the previous time I went a couple of years back but there were some stunning cars there. I think the car show really sorts out the men from the boys when metallic finishes are in play. Getting that scale “glitter” right is really something. I even picked up a car model to have a crack at…

Tom Moon is then going to talk about the Andrea Figure Painting workshop – I’ll be sorry to miss this.

Other Topics:

Kit Reviews, Tool Analysis, Demo Volunteers etc – need to fill up the calendar for the coming months. So far, some of the topics requested are as follows, so we need presenters:

  • Technique: Filling and sanding the plastic model joints to they are seamless. How to put back any panel lines or detail that were sanded off in the process.
  • Technique: Airbrush techniques on how to fade or do camouflaging (Note: we probably cannot do a live demonstration and cleanup at the Tracy Gee)
  • Technique: Decal printing with inkjet printer.

Club Contest Coordinator – we need one. Think of the fame, fortune, etc…

Lone Star Flight Museum: They’d planned to open in conjunction with Hurricane Harvey’s cleanup, but then decided otherwise. So they’re now rescheduled for Saturday 16th September(

IPMS Board meeting and thereafter, member build session, September 23rd, Hobby Town


Please find Boyd Waechter’s field report on Supercon (IPMS Fort Worth Modelers) which was in Arlington this past weekend ( Congrats to Boyd, Rick and Richard for winnings here. Lots of photos.

Piotr Gomola has headed out to help the US Military again and forwarded a mind-numbingly long list of Acronyms and Initialisms used by different branches of the Armed Forces. For the veterans, no doubt logical. For the civilians, confusing and often times funny.

And finally, notwithstanding Hurricane Harvey, Mike West is Still In Business®.


Tim Campbell
Secretary, IPMS Houston