IPMS Houston August meeting notes

August’s meeting on Tuesday night was busy with a near room-busting 29 people in attendance. I don’t think that’s the highest number we’ve had, but the room will be “challenged”, as the kids say, if we keep this up.

Upcoming shows were outlined:

HAMS, Spring TX – 12th August (www.ipms-hams.org/annual-contest) – yes, today. It’s been in the last two meeting notices…
AABSAMPSCENTEXARMOREXPO™ – Georgetown TX – 16th September (flyer attached twice before – if you need it again, let me know)
Supercon (IPMS Fort Worth Modelers), Arlington – 9th September (www.fortworthscalemodelers.org/supercon.html)

Welcome to Kevin Le who joined for the first time from Delaware. Good to see Ed Rains visiting from GBASMA again.

Tom recapped the Nats (IPMS National Convention) briefly – some challenges in splitting categories, some great wins for the attendees from our area and a testament to the quality of the area, as Tom put it well. My notes are sparse here but Tom and Ed both brought home trophies – Tom’s were in attendance on the table. As soon as there’s a link to the winners, I’ll include.

September (i.e. next month) is the regular club contest, so dust off those /other/ Shelf Queens – or anything else that stands the chance of getting completed within the next three weeks – and come for some competition and useful feedback on completion and contests.

Also in September is the Library Exhibition take-down. Not, as it sounds, a full-on assault by a local militia, but simply the removal of any models you may have put there earlier in the year. So, please be there Sunday September 10th to pick up your stuff (or arrange with a friend to pick up for you).

Moving to Q4 and October, Vince then outlined the “Shelf Queen Contest” – you remember – you take someone else’s model which has lain on the Shelf of Doom for between 10 and 40 years and somehow resurrect it into something presentable. Sounds great, right? This generated a little discussion but few takers from the audience. Five hands went up, and then crickets. But hey, we’ll see how that one goes – will do this again in October for the kick-off, so if you have a Shelf Queen for swapsies, bring it then!

Also in October, voting for the club officers. So, if you want fame, greatness etc, put yourself forward.

Finally in October, the 1/72 Aircraft Giveaway Challenge. Vince somehow (I forget how) picked up a pallet-load of “classic 1/72 aircraft kits” – i.e. the sort of old tat people on Hyperscale expect you to accept three of for the your latest 1/32 Tamiya kit under the assumption that “classic” means “rare and valuable” rather than “nostalgic”. But I digress… so if you like old 1/72 aircraft kits and want to have a bash, prepare yourself to accept one of these beauties for a fun contest.

The demo this month was by Mike Raymond who patiently took us all through the Scalemates.com stash management software where you can track your kits, decals etc – even paint and tools if you are a really twisted individual. Why waste time building those Shelf Queens when you can categorise your riffler files and obscure Italian water-based paints? It does all look genuinely very useful and I’m going to have a look at it myself.

A broad range of subject matter was under discussion in our ever-popular “model talk” session, with a number of Shelf Queens in attendance, and then actual, honest-to-goodness finished models – Jeff’s P-40, Boyd’s Shawnee, Werner’s Merkava, David’s trio of figures, Mike’s 1/100 tank and Tom’s large Arizona. Some beautiful stuff there. Also, the completed Lone Star Models Cletrac tow tractor on view – there can’t be too many clubs who have an actual resin manufacturer bring their stuff along to. Thanks to Boyd for the photos (below).

In other breaking news, G&G Model Shop is moving from its historic Rice Village home. They are relocating from their Times Boulevard location (since 1948 or so) to Hwy 59/69 next to Nan’s Games and Comics at 2011 SW Freeway. G&G closes on August 19th and plan to open in their new location a week later. Sad to hear they are moving, but glad to hear they are still going survive. Please continue to support your local hobby shops!

Finally, some info from IPMS SWAMP who have had to move their date and venue for their CALMEX XXXII contest – the show will be held on Sunday (yes, Sunday), January 28th 2018. The new venue is the Lake Charles Civic Center, close to I-10. For vendors, there is no access on Saturday night – setup is Sunday morning at 0700 hrs. Registration begins at 0900 hrs through to 1200 hrs; judging starts 1300 hrs and awards will be at 1600 hrs.

The theme this year is: “An Army Marches on its Stomach. A History of Logistics”. Find details on http://www.ipmsswamp.com/.

If I’ve forgotten anything, please let me know.

Until next time…

Tim Campbell
Secretary, IPMS Houston

P.S. Mike West is still in business. He had a great Nats and managed to sell everything. Just in case you didn’t know.