Endangered Species

Good morning all,

In this, Rick’s 165th Letter to the Modelers, he talks of that all-too-frequent occurrence – the disappearing cottage industry/specialist supplier.

I remember reading in one of the UK modelling magazines (sorry, when referencing the word in British English, I am duty bound to include both letter “l”s) about the first importer of Eduard photo-etch, 4+ publications, an additional publishing arm and the proprietor of a model shop of significant standing, that he had just had enough and was closing up. That was it. An active and apparently healthy business shuttered, just like that.
A Tulsa friend laid off from O&G has been consulting as an advisor to an increasing number of family-run small businesses on how to plan for the future, as the only future seemed to be “close down”. There was no plan for business continuity, which is sad.
I don’t doubt that it is very difficult to maintain any business exactly as it was, but I have to feel that there is real value (on both the customer and supplier side) to continue in a modified form. That modified form may be a lesser one, but also has the potential of ultimately being better.
But, read on!
Tim Campbell
Secretary – IPMS Houston