M&M Hobby Center NOT Closing

M&M Hobby Center, at 6703 Chimney Rock, will NOT be closing their doors, the current owners are retiring. The store is still open. So go buy stuff! The text of their announcement is after the break.

M&M Hobby Center Retirement January 31, 2012

To our valued customers and friends,

We at M&M Hobby Center (I&I Hobby Center) are sad to inform you that we have decided to retire after more than 25 successful years in business. For interested investors and entrepreneurs, the M&M Hobby Center business is for sale. For anyone who is interested in owning a hobby shop, please contact Meir in person by phone (713-661-7137) or by e-mail at meir@mmhobby.com. There is no better way to get started than starting with a name already known for quality, service, and selection. Both management and staff will be happy to help with the transition of ownership. To help facilitate a low selling price, we will be slowly clearing out our inventory with a great program of discounts on selected items. Our regular services will continue without interruption.

We are happy for having had the opportunity to serve the greater Houston area and be the leading hobby retailer for most of those years. We have always striven to have the best customer service, and we would like to apologize for any miss-communication that

may have kept us from achieving that. We can assure you that we have always had the customers’ best interest in mind. Everyone at M&M Hobby Center would like to thank our many loyal customers, many of which over time we have come to consider as friends as well as customers. We will miss you all very much.

For those who do not know our history, the M&M and I&I Hobby Center Families have given a great amount back to Houston and our community. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and put great effort into getting Houston’s RC racing scene on the map, and the first to have a boat pond at the store as part of our facilities. For many years we were the only hobby shop in Houston to offer free flying lessons, and have taught hundreds of novice pilots how to fly. We have also organized pine wood derby and modeling clinics for schools and boy scout groups, and teaching kids and families about the many facets of our wonderful hobbies.

We also provided baby sitting in-store to help families enjoy their time at the track. The list goes on and on.

An important message to all the customers that have a layaway or special order with us, please come settle your layaway and/or pick up your special order items. If you have any consignment items with us or models on display, please come and pick them up.

Once again, we have been blessed with many great customers and very good friends that we are going to miss very much.

Happy Hobbying,

M&M Hobby Center

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  1. MM Hobby needs to close and we need to to stop supporting shops like it. The owner is ALWAYS rude and unfriendly. Im amazed this shop has lasted as long as it has. There are other shops G&G and Larry’s that offer much better customer service. G&G is a awesome shop deserving everyones business.

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