IPMS Houston at Comicpalooza

For the fourth(?) year in a row, we manned a fan table at Comicpalooza in the George R. Brown Convention Center over the holiday weekend. Vince Barrale presented a workshop on Basic Lighting for Sci Fi Modeling on Saturday. Club members Mike Stucker, Jeff Schmitz, John Hunt, German Tapia, and Michael Shelley manned the table at various times answering questions from passers-by while trying to get a little work done. Fun was had by all (at least no one has told me otherwise.)

Here’s a photo from Mike Stucker showing Vince and Michael pretending to look busy for the camera.


Comicpalooza recap (updated)

Comicpalooza was a week ago, but it’s taken me this long to recover. Members Vince Barrale, Mike Stucker, Doc Alexander, John Hunt, and Michael A. Shelley manned a table during the four-day event, working on SF-themed kits and answering questions. Vince and Mike made a presentation on Saturday to a small but interested audience in one of the panel rooms. Several people showed an interest in the club, and we hope to see them at our next meeting on June 10.

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Comicpalooza table

As we’ve done for the past couple of years, IPMS-Houston will be manning a table at Comicpalooza on 23-26 May in the George R Brown Convention Center. Vince Barrale will give a presentation on SF and fantasy modeling. Sit at the table, work on some kits, answer a few questions, and watch the scenery go by. (Last yera we were next to the Daleks.) The convention website is here if you want more info. Contact Vince at a meeting or via email to volunteer.