Capitol Classic report

Because I’m lazy (and was unable to attend, so I don’t know what happened anyway) here’s Boyd Waechter’s short report on this last weekend’s Capitol Classic show in Austin. Come to the meeting on October 11 for more details.

The Capital (sic) Classic 2016 was a huge success yesterday with a lot of the Houston club members winning awards and having a great time. There were two large vendor areas plus King’s Hobbies who had a smaller room to themselves (but selling all items at full retail). There were a lot of bargains to be had, the best sale I saw was to Rick Cotton who purchased a Tamiya 1/32nd scale A6M5 Zero plus extras for only $40. This kit retails for $163! Another individual had a large stack for Hasegawa 1/48th F-4 Phantoms (some still in shrinkwrap) that he was selling for only $10 each!

If you won an award(s), please either let me or Mike Stucker know. Mike keeps a tally of who wins what at these out of town shows and needs the info. He can be contacted at I can tell you now that some of the winners from our club were myself, Vince Barrale, Don Rakoski, Tom Moon, Paul Sacco, Roy McCartney, Jeff Mills, and Richard Kern who won 20+ awards plus the show’s Theme Award. I apologize if I left someone out.

Our group also helped out extensively with the judging. Tom Moon was Head Judge of the entire show, yours truly was Head Aircraft Judge, Mike Stucker was Head Car Judge, and others who judged the individual categories included Jeff Mills, German Tapia, Jeff Schmitz, Paul Sacco, Corbett Legg, Mike West, and Don Rakoski. The show coordinator, Randy Bumgardener, expressed his sincere thanks to me for all of the our help in making their show and contest be a roaring success again this year. BTW, the Capital Classic 2017 will be moving to a new venue next year. I am sure Tom will have more info on it next summer.

I am sure there will be a more thorough wrap up of the show at the next meeting, or perhaps our Man About Town (Rick Cotton) will write a more extensive review with his thoughts this week.

Meeting Announcement; Supercon

IPMS Fort Worth Scale Modelers’ Supercon show is this Saturday in Arlington. The theme is Desert Shield / Desert Storm. Get all the info here.

Our regular monthly meeting at Tracy Gee Community Center is this coming Tuesday, 13 Sept. As usual, we start at 7pm and end at 9 or a bit before so we can clean up. All the details are here. The demo for this month is, um, I forgot. A big surprise! It’ll be great. Probably.

Long Overdue Very Short Update

Photos from the August meeting, courtesy of Tom Moon, are available on the Galleries page, or directly here.

After a brief hiatus (no, not the turn-your-head-and-cough thing, that’s something else) Rick Cotton has provided to us another article, this one on commission building. Read it here. Much more is available under the Articles page, or in the ASMS Sprue Examiner.

Shows are coming up in Baton Rouge, Arlington, and Austin.