Paul Sacco follow-up

In case you missed the recent emails, Paul Sacco is recovering from the judicious application of X-Acto blades, Tenax-7R, and a bit of Tamiya putty. He’s expected to be heading home in the next few days for final sanding and a trip to the paint booth. Drying time should be several weeks or maybe longer, depending on humidity.

Telford 2015 photos and Austin newsletter

Tom Moon has provided a link to photos from this year’s Scale Model World in Telford, UK. This particular page has his motorcycle on it – 6 down, 4 to the right –¬†and it’s shiny blue and white, not camouflaged. Of course there are tons of pages of photos of other great models, so poke around and take a look. Here’s the link to the gallery.

I forgot to include this the first time around – the November issue of the Austin Scale Modeling Society’s Sprue Examiner is available here. Our own Rick Cotton has an article therein – with photos, even!

November 2015 meeting recap

We had a bit lighter turnout than recent meetings, but still enough to keep most of the seats warm in the room. I’d also like to send a welcome to new member Russell Morton. All you have to do to join is come to meetings and sign up! (It would be nice if you joined IPMS as well, but it isn’t a requirement unless you want to be an officer.)

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New Article

Boyd Waechter has provided a short piece on alignment, and while it is mainly airplane-related, it applies to all categories. Read it here or on the Articles page. (I have got to get that page better organized one of these days.)