Fathers’ Day musings from Rick

For you fathers out there – a Happy Fathers’ Day. While I had relaxing plans built into the day too, I over-optimistically thought I could get a faucet changed out in the kids’ bathroom pretty easily. Ha! You know how that one goes… but a few hours later and plenty of cursing and I’m showered and ready for us to go out for lunch.

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Meeting Notice. IPMS Houston Monthly Meeting this Tuesday 13th June

Good morning,

It’s that time again! Come one, come all, to the first IPMS Houston June meeting of Summertide…

The time: 1900hrs, Tuesday 13th June
The place: Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042

Those of a fragile disposition may want to look away now as I tell you that Jason Cameron will take us into the disturbing world of vacuform modelling

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AMPS CENTEX Armor Expo 2017 – details included

Morning all,

As promised in a previous email, please find attached the flyer for the (deep breath) Austin Armor Builders Society In Association With Armor Modeling & Preservation Society presenting Armor Modeling & Preservation Society Central Texas Armor Exposition 2017. And people say we modelers take ourselves too seriously…
I mean, even reduced to the world’s longest acronym, it would still be AABSAMPSCENTEXARMOREXPO™ and still have one of the four “Armor” mentions spelled incorrectly, in full, in the show title. I’m kidding.
It’s in Georgetown, sounds like a great show, and as mentioned previously, has a “tankbuster” aircraft element to it for you non-treadheads (see also “Weekend in Treadhead Land” and “When the Wheels Fall Off Your Train of Happiness“, ©Cotton, Rick, IPMS Houston, 2017).
And last but not least, thanks to Rick for forwarding me his copy of the flyer as mine somehow made it to the recycling bin too soon.
Tim Campbell
IPMS Houston Secretary