Model Fiesta Demo Request

We’ve received an invitation from the Alamo Squadron (IPMS San Antonio) to have someone from our club give a demonstration or seminar at Model Fiesta this year. The event is on 20 February. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll forward you the contact information.

Every time I’ve been to Model Fiesta it’s been a good show, and I can’t think of any other regional shows that actually have demonstrations or seminars.

Here’s their flyer:

MF 35 FLYER rev 01-11-16

Stuff for Sale, and to read

Vince went to the swap meet in Dickinson last weekend, and it seemed to have been a success. If you’re interested in February’s meet, it will be on the third Sunday of every month. Here is the contact info:

Call: Cliff 713-320-8573

Piotr Gomola has a collection of HO scale railroad equipment for sale. He’s provided a spreadsheet but there are a lot of spare parts, detail items, and building supplies that aren’t listed. Email him for info.

Boyd Waechter has a nice machinists-style tool chest for sale. He’s asking $40. Email him for info.


And a non-sale item (finally!) – Austin Scale Modeler’s Society’s newsletter, The Sprue Examiner, can be found here.

Just a side note – I don’t mind posting items that club members have for sale, as long as it’s non-commercial (i.e. it isn’t their full-time business.) If there is enough interest, maybe it could justify its own ‘for sale’ page. But it’s the entire club’s site, not mine. What do you think? Are sales announcements acceptable sometimes, never, always? Any opinions? Let me know via email.

Michael A. Shelley
secretary & webmaster