September meeting coming up

Our September meeting will be on Tuesday the 8th at the Tracy Gee Community Center, starting at 7pm and ending just before 9pm. Unless my memory fails me (which is not unlikely) Tim Campbell will be showing us his method for scribing panel lines, and we will have a swap meet. Note that is is for trade ONLY; no outright sales are allowed per community center rules.

Supercon in Arlington is coming up on Sept 12. As noted in previous emails, there are a lot of categories (except for submarines – ed) and this is always one of my favorite shows.

We also have another article from Rick Cotton (and a postscript from Boyd) on the Articles page.

Library and swap meet

Do you have anything on display at the Houston Public Library? Teardown is at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 29th. Contact Vince for more info or to get on the parking validation list.

Do you have or need model railroad equipment? NWX (Northwest Crossing) railroad club is having their annual swap meet on Saturday, August 29th as well. It runs from 1pm to 6pm at their club space on the 3rd floor of Northwest Mall. Their website is here, but up-to-date news is on their Facebook page. Contact them if you want table space.

(And before you give me too much flak for posting a train event, let me just say a few words. Grandt Line nut-bolt-washer castings. Archer dry transfer rivets. Weathering powders. Strip styrene. Diorama supplies. Floquil. There, that should be enough.)

August meeting recap and September preview

I’m sure everyone has seen Boyd’s writeup already, but I’d just like to restate that the slides and show-and-tell were both great. Coming up at our September meeting is a swap table. I don’t think we’ve formally tried this in the past. Bring items for TRADE, not sale — no one is allowed to sell anything at the community center. Please don’t just bring junk you want to unload; try to keep it to items that someone may actually want. (Of course, some of us are known to pick up almost anything if the box art is neat.)

We’ll also have a demonstration of panel line scribing by Tim Campbell. Come find out how to convert those raised panel lines in your old kits to nice recessed lines. Better than Matchbox, maybe!

Three new articles from Rick Cotton are on the Articles page. You may have seen them attached to the meeting recap already, but they’re located here for posterity as well. As mentioned in the email, if you have something that you think might be of interest to the membership, send it to Boyd or myself. Try to keep it modeling-related, at least a little bit. And by sending it through us, you don’t have to deal with maintaining a mailing list, mailbox not found error replies, and all that.

Supercon in Arlington is Sept 12. Some people are going up early, some want to carpool.

Articles update

Some new items on our Articles page – Boyd’s report on the 2015 Nationals is now complete and the whole saga is consolidated into a single file. Rick Cotton has three new essays, one of which concerns building. . . an ICM truck in 1/35. Will he ever learn? You have to read it to find out! (spoiler alert – No, apparently he doesn’t. But I can’t really fault him for it, because I’m working on a Lindberg kit of a ’49 Ford which has its own problems. Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.)