New Profiles, Article, and Meeting Info

The October meeting is coming up on the 13th, and it’s our quarterly review and contest, so bring something to put on the table. We should have a recap of the Arlington and  Austin shows.

We’ll also have a prize raffle at our December meeting with a procedure similar to that we used at ModelMania; i.e. put your ticket(s) in the bucket corresponding to the prize you want.

We have a new article by Rick Cotton here, and member profiles from Andy Lazas, Dan Leone, and Richard Seay. Or you can see all of them on the Articles and Members pages, respectively.

Supercon wrapup and new writing

I expect everyone has seen various reports on this year’s Supercon show in Arlington. Everyone from IPMS-Houston who had an entry came back with some kind of award. (Although I think Richard Kern is the only one who had to get one of his servants to carry them home due to the weight.) Even your lowly webmonkey managed to bring home a couple of medals.*

Anyhow, Rick Cotton’s writeup is on the Articles page, along with an essay by John Griesbacker on moving while trying to maintain a workspace and stash. Both are on the Articles page.

The member questionaires are now located all in one place, on a new page under the ‘About’ tab. Or you can go to it directly here. The blank form is there as well, if you haven’t sent yours to Boyd yet.

(*because there were only three entries in the category, and two were his. The other one belonged to Kern, no surprise.)

September update; member profiles

In case you haven’t seen Boyd’s email, the panel scribing demo previously scheduled will not be held. That means more time for swap meet, show and tell, socializing, and whatever other mischief we get into.

We are trying to put together profiles on members, which will eventually be made available on this site. (Once I figure out a neat way to do it – ed.) Three examples and a blank form are below. If you like, complete the blank form below, save it to your computer, and email it to Boyd. Photos and excessive verbosity are encouraged. This will allow people to put interests and names to the faces they see at the meetings.

David Hogue Questionnaire
Rick Cotton Questionnaire
Vince Barrale Questionnaire
Your Name Here Questionnaire

Vacuum forming video

Here’s a short video from the Freeman Library (in Clear Lake City) on a vacuum forming workshop they held recently. Most of this uses stuff that you may have around the house already.

If i understand the details correctly, they were using styrene plates (like dinner plates) for the material. Might be a bit thick for a canopy, but might be worth a try.

And as usual, another of Rick’s articles has been added the proper page. This one’s about newsletters, which we don’t have. This site is as close to a newsletter as we get.

September meeting coming up

Our September meeting will be on Tuesday the 8th at the Tracy Gee Community Center, starting at 7pm and ending just before 9pm. Unless my memory fails me (which is not unlikely) Tim Campbell will be showing us his method for scribing panel lines, and we will have a swap meet. Note that is is for trade ONLY; no outright sales are allowed per community center rules.

Supercon in Arlington is coming up on Sept 12. As noted in previous emails, there are a lot of categories (except for submarines – ed) and this is always one of my favorite shows.

We also have another article from Rick Cotton (and a postscript from Boyd) on the Articles page.