September 2014 meeting recap

Here’s a meeting recap from Rick Cotton’s email. Photos are at the bottom:

Last night, 17 members and one visitor attended the Houston IPMS meeting at the Tracy Gee center. We welcomed visitor and NEW member David Qu (pronounced “Chu”) to the group. David is an armor and air guy, and brought his portfolio on a tablet for all to see. (He’s kindly put them on flickr here.)

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Library Display Wrap-up

If you didn’t get a chance to see our display at the Houston Public Library downtown, here are some photos and a summary from Vince Barrale (hiy the link for the photos):

Well another summer  of models at the library has passed. I want to thank all who participated in the event this year. The library folks did a great job of enhancing our models with signs, posters and books, especially for the WWI display case.

Next year I would like to plan more in advance, make a list of what you are going to bring, coordinate the shelf space, categorize and have place cards for each model. The library will help with that. I will start this up again in January.

Vince Barrale

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Upcoming Events (updated)

I’ve replaced the bare-bones list with Tom Moon’s email that has more detail.

Well folks, the contest year is about over. Just a couple of shows to go and we then jump into the new year.
I have tried to update all of next year’s shows with the dates and themes. If I have missed your show or have incorrect data, please let me know so I can correct it.

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3-D printing at the library

This news may be more useful for our GBASMA neighbors, but the Harris County Freeman Branch Library in Clear Lake City will be offering 3-D printing services. More info is here.

(I remember riding my bicycle to that library when it was housed in a corrugated metal building.)