October wrap-up

In case you missed it, here is Boyd’s report from the October meeting:

To Club Members;
We had 23 members attend the October meeting, another full room and good turn-out.  The business portion was a bit extended because Vince had a lot of announcements and good discussion over some recent changes in the club and future plans for the Christmas Party and Modelmania 2017.  

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Useful tips

Useful information disguised as entertainment from Rick Cotton – and not the typical “the energy companies hate this housewife’s plan to melt belly fat using this one weird old trick involving the one food you must never eat” spam that you usually see. Read it here, and it’s also archived on the Articles page.

(Although I can think of a couple that he missed – plastic salsa containers and the cheap plastic cups that jello shots are served in are both great for mixing paint, and both wood and plastic stir sticks can be used for all kinds of structural parts. Or, you know, stirring things. -ed.)

October monthly meeting announcement (updated)

Our regular monthly meeting at Tracy Gee Community Center is this coming Tuesday, 11 October. As usual, we start at 7pm and end at 9 or a bit before so we can clean up. All the details are here.

We’ve had members attend  at least three shows since the last meeting, so expect show reports from them. Tom Moon will have photos from the Nationals. A theme has been decided for next year’s ModelMania, so you might want to be on hand for the big announcement. It’s also time to start thinking about the annual Christmas party, so if you want a voice in what food is available, show up and let us know. And of course, if you have something to show or talk about, bring it along.

Mark Lardas will be on hand to photograph aircraft and equipment associated with the 1943-1944 aerial siege of Rabaul. So if you have any of the items he needs, you can have them photographed at the meeting. Here’s a list of what’s needed:

G3M (Nell)
G4M (Betty)
Ki-48 (Lily)
Ki-21 (Sally)
B5N (Kate)
D3A (Val)
D4Y1 (Judy)
A6M2 (Zeke)
A6M3 (Hamp)
J1N1 (Irving)
Ki-43 (Oscar)
Ki-45 (Nick)
Ki-61 (Tony)

We’re also looking for a webmaster and secretary, so if you’re interested let us know at the meeting. (It might be a good idea to show up if you’re not interested as well, so you don’t get ‘volunteered’.)