Michael Martin’s work space


Our Webmaster, Michael Martin, has forwarded his workspace photos to share. He’s just finished unpacking and shelving everything this past weekend, so all looks very organized and tidy for the moment! Michael airbushes in his garage (not shown here).
The picture is “Krahe” (crow) by the German painter, cartoonist and author Rudi Hurzlmeier.
Tim Campbell
Secretary, IPMS Houston

John Hunt’s Work Space

To Club Members,
John Hunt sent me these two photos of his work areas.  He paints on his washing machine in the garage and simply opens a door for ventilation.
Boyd Waechter
IPMS #1282

Rick’s latest missive for enjoyment over coffee!

Good morning all,

In this, his latest missive, Rick takes no prisoners as he recounts his travails with international commerce, from first contact with wage slaves Amazon, through to technical support from people whose first language is not English. But hey, having worked south of I-20 some years back, I understand how that is…

Honestly, it’s almost enough to make you want to shop at your local hobby shop! Until next time, sayonara, alavida and zaijian.


Tim Campbell
Secretary, IPMS Houston

David Hogue’s Work Area

To Club Members,

As beautiful of models as David Hogue build’s, he has probably one of the most primitive work spaces I’ve ever seen; on the floor next to a window for ventilation, in a guest room, poor lighting, with a cat on the prowl for parts! How in the heck do you produce all of those award winning models modeling like this?! This just makes your models that more impressive! Continue reading

Secretary’s Role

To Club Members,
As Vince announced this morning, effective immediately, Tim Campbell will be taking over from me as the new Secretary of the club.  In the last 6 or 7 years, I have filled the role as Vendor Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary/Treasurer, and then Secretary.  Continue reading