M&M Hobby Center closing

Closing date will be 10 Aug. If you have anything in the display cases that you want back, better head over there. The cases themselves are not for sale.

As of 23 July, all railroad-related items are 40% off. Some other items are marked down, but there is no big “Going Out of Business” sale planned.

Don’t know where it is? Here’s a map.

(By the way, we have a map of Houston-area shops on the site. It’s on the ‘Links’ page, or you can get to it directly here. If you know of any locations we’ve missed, let us know.)

July meeting recap, and news and things

Our secretary, Rick Cotton, has already sent out an email, but here’s another quick summary of this month’s meeting.

After the usual business (we still have money in the bank, dues are still free, et.) Tom Moon gave us an update on changes for next year’s Modelmania show. Some of the contest categories have been adjusted based on the number of entries received in the last few years.

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June 2014 Meeting Recap

Here’s Rick Cotton’s email in case you missed it:


The regular Tuesday night meeting of the Houston IPMS took place with an impressive 26 members in attendance!

After open and honest debate, voting was held on two major issues regarding Modelmania changes for 2015: by resounding majorities, members voted to eliminate the “no sweep” rule, and to retain the “make and take” program, although the consensus was that the latter needed changes to improve it. All members in attendance, as well as two members voting absentee, contributed their votes in the decisions.

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June Meeting announcement

Our next meeting is on 10 June 2014, at the Tracy Gee Community Center, from 7pm until 9pm. There will be a demonstration of resin casting from Mike West. We should also have reports on Regionals in Wichita, KS and Scalefest in Grapevine.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll be discussing changes to Modelmania that were mentioned last month, including ‘no sweeps’ and the Make and Take program. (as an aside, Reaper Miniatures had a ‘paint and take’ area at Comicpalooza that looked like it was doing a brisk business.)

Show up and be heard! Or just seen, that’s okay too.

In case anyone is watching, there is a new ‘Forum’ section on the website. To register, click on the link and the webmaster will send you a username and password (which you should then change.)