3-D printing at the library

This news may be more useful for our GBASMA neighbors, but the Harris County Freeman Branch Library in Clear Lake City will be offering 3-D printing services. More info is here.

(I remember riding my bicycle to that library when it was housed in a corrugated metal building.)

August 2014 Meeting Recap

In case you missed it, here’s the body of Rick’s recap letter that went out via email. Editorial additions in italics.

Greetings, all Houston IPMS members!

Last night’s meeting of the club took place at the Tracy Gee center as scheduled, and 23 modelers turned out for the fun.

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M&M Hobby Center closing (update)

Closing date will be 17 Aug. If you have anything in the display cases that you want back, better head over there. The cases themselves are not for sale.

Railroad items are 40% off, plastic kits and most other supplies are 20% off.

Don’t know where it is? Here’s a map.

(By the way, we have a map of Houston-area shops on the site. It’s on the ‘Links’ page, or you can get to it directly here. If you know of any locations we’ve missed, let us know.)

August 2014 Meeting Announcement

Our August meeting will be on Tuesday 12 Aug at the Tracy Gee Community Center, from 7pm until 9pm. Vince Barrale will be running the meeting, as Tom is out of town.

A demo of some new top-secret experimental chrome polish is scheduled, along with a report from Nationals from Mike West, a report of the HAMS show, and reminders about the upcoming Arlington and Lafayette shows.

Rick Cotton’s article on modeling wood ship decks was published in the Austin Sprue Examiner, and we have a copy on our Articles page. (Those of us at the November meeting saw it in person.)

July meeting recap, and news and things

Our secretary, Rick Cotton, has already sent out an email, but here’s another quick summary of this month’s meeting.

After the usual business (we still have money in the bank, dues are still free, et.) Tom Moon gave us an update on changes for next year’s Modelmania show. Some of the contest categories have been adjusted based on the number of entries received in the last few years.

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