Slow updates and things

Our club quarterly popular-vote contest is changing format to a more formal, judged contest similar to what we used a year ago. There are still no categories, members will volunteer to act as judges, but there is no longer any entry fee. Read all about it (and get the entry form) here.

The next contest is tentatively scheduled for the September meeting.

The July meeting, coming up on the 12th, will include a demonstration on ground cover by Vince Barrale.

Dave Edgerly from the Austin Scale Modelers Society will have his article on the steampunk dragonfly republished in an upcoming IPMS Journal, so if you missed it in their newsletter you’ll have a chance to see it on glossy paper soon.

For Sale or Trade list

As mentioned at the last meeting, we are providing a spreadsheet for members to list items they have for sale. Access will be restricted to club members by means of a password which you’ll be getting in an email in the next day or two.

I’ve tried to make it self-explanatory, but if you have any questions or problems, send an email to the webmaster and we’ll get you straightened out.

The page with the list is here, or you can get to it from the navigation bar by selecting ‘For Sale’ under the ‘About’ menu.

Follow-up: Rick Cotton is looking for 1/72 decals for a Korean War F-86. Normally this should go on the For Sale list (hint, hint) but since he needs them ASAP, I’m announcing it here. Contact him directly.

Sales at Meetings; Articles

Please do not bring items to the meetings with the intention to sell them. This is against Harris County Precinct 3 rules.

I’d somehow missed posting two items from a week ago. First is Rick Cotton’s Scalefest 2016 Report, which was held on June 4. (There were photos attached to the email version of this article, which will be posted on the Galleries page under Richard Kern’s name.) We also have Good Old Models from John Hunt on pros and cons of revisiting those kits that we built as kids.

Both are on the articles page, too.

Also, the latest newsletter from the Austin Scale Modelers Society is available on their website.

June Meeting; article

Our June meeting is Tuesday, June 14 at the Tracy Gee Community Center. In addition to a recap of the display at Houston Public Library, Vince Barrale and Mike Stucker will be presenting techniques for scenery and ground cover. Eaglequest and Comicpalooza are both coming up, so we’ll be talking about those events as well.

Rick Cotton has provided another article for us, which is located here and on the Articles page. Be advised that this one is a bit more. . . opinionated than usual. Remember that these are the views of one of our members, not necessarily the entire club. (And it’s Member of the Year, not Modeler of the Year, which is meant to include service to the club, not just skill in building.)

Scalefest; article; June meeting

You probably already know about it, but if you’re looking to get out of town to some higher ground, head up to Grapevine for Scalefest on Saturday.

Or if you’re staying home, read the latest from Rick Cotton.

Our June meeting is Tuesday, June 14 at the Tracy Gee Community Center. Vince Barrale and Mike Stucker will be presenting techniques for ground cover.