October 2014 Meeting Recap (revised)

Seventeen members slogged through traffic for last night’s meeting, where we heard reports from the recent Fort Worth (held in Arlington) and Austin shows (club members took home some 16 awards from Arlington and 36 from Austin) and the build day at HobbyTown.

GatorCon in Lafayette is coming up on 1 November. Unfortunately, that’s all I know about it at this time.

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September 2014 meeting recap

Here’s a meeting recap from Rick Cotton’s email. Photos are at the bottom:

Last night, 17 members and one visitor attended the Houston IPMS meeting at the Tracy Gee center. We welcomed visitor and NEW member David Qu (pronounced “Chu”) to the group. David is an armor and air guy, and brought his portfolio on a tablet for all to see. (He’s kindly put them on flickr here.)

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